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Welcome back to the Resurrection of the Lord Chinese-Filipino Catholic Community’'s website!   We  hope  you’ve  had  a  very  blessed Christmas  and  we pray that the New Year will bring you much joy, peace, and holiness!

        We have some new pictures we wanted to share with you.  It’s been an exciting, and sometimes exhausting, year!  In November, four parishioners together with Fr. Daniel went to Manila to be part of the nationwide convention of the Chinese-Filipino Catholic Apostolate.  What a group of dedicated, Spirit-filled people!  The theme was “Successfully Evangelizing the Chinese-Filipino Community” and we were one of the parishes asked to give a short presentation. What a time of blessing!

      Speaking of blessings, we were graced by visits from some wonderful friends of ours.  Fr. Bonaventure Bai, O.F.M., from the People’s Republic of China, spent a weekend with us, sharing so much about faith, spirituality, and enculturation.  His youthful dynamism and his sharing of God’s love in a Chinese context continues to inspire us.  We are waiting for his next visit!  He has promised to give us a workshop on meditation and prayer.

        Msgr. Bong Lo, the Rector of the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society’s Seminary, also came for a brief but exciting visit.  There’s never a dull moment when our wonderful Msgr. Bong is around!!  After lunch, we ended up in an impromptu sing along, sharing songs of praise in Hookien Chinese!  We’re waiting for Msgr. Bong Lo’s first album!

        The northern part of the country was hard hit by a typhoon, and the parish quickly organized itself to help the people affected by the calamity.  We also organized Christmas packages of food and clothing for the needy residents of our own city, Iligan.  Then, as you all know, the tsunamis hit our neighbors all throughout Asia, and we are still praying and organizing to do our part in helping the massive relief effort.  The destruction and the needs are staggering.  But we know God will show us what to do next.

Weddings, baptisms, First Communions, and all the daily Eucharists…our parish life goes on joyfully.  Fr. Daniel and his Spiritan brothers recently returned from visiting the Spiritans in Taiwan.  Thanks  to  the  Spiritans  of  Taiwan,  our Chinese  music  repertoire  has  greatly  improved,  we  have  beautiful  cloth  for new vestments and Chinese books for our library! Our big “physical project” now is putting the ceiling in the church and then landscaping the grounds.  We hope to pave the parking lot, build a grotto with a beautiful image of Our Lady of China where people may come and pause a quiet moment in prayer, and then finally begin the rectory.  Our parish priest, Fr. Dan, has been living in the storage room!

Thank you for all the prayers, help and support!  May God continue to bless us all!  May we always discover new ways to peace, justice and right!  We hope you enjoy the pictures…Come back and visit again soon!